Biography of Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy – Bangladeshi Musician

Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy is a Bangladeshi Musician, Entrepreneur, Motivational writer, Story Teller and Social worker. Storys by Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy is well known on Facebook.


Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy was born in a lower-middle class family in Noakhali district of Bangladesh. His father was a shopkeeper. However, Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy studied at his uncle’s house from a young age.
 Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy has won most of the time in school story writing competitions. Ataur has been working on social awareness since childhood.


 Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy passed SSC from Noakhali District School. Then, he studied HSC from Chaumuhani Government SA College. Sadly, for the first time in his life, he failed the HSC exam. But he was not disappointed. In the second attempt, he passed the HSC examination with good results.
 He is currently in his final year of honors.
‘ Life fails if you don’t get a big degree’, Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy doesn’t believe it. ‘There are many people in the world who have found a place in people’s hearts without getting a degree. Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy believe that, ‘Rather than being well educated, you need to be a good person.’


Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy is working as a brand ambassador for some companies in Bangladesh. Now he is working on his music career.
 Ataur started writing online through blogging. Ataur opened his first Facebook account in 2012. He became known on Facebook through inspirational and awareness-raising writing. He is widely known on Facebook as a motivational writer and storyteller. About 49,000 people follow him on Facebook.


Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy proved to be exceptionally popular among the youth of Bangladesh in the context of gaining recognition as a public consultant and persuasive writer, story writer, and contemporary issues writer. Her writings get a lot of likes and shares on Facebook and readers value her writing.
Name: Ataur Rabbi
in Bangla: আতাউর রাব্বি
Media Name: Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy
in Bangla: আতাউর রাব্বি সুষ্ময়
Date of Birth: 1997
Height?: 5 feet 5 inch
Weight?: 68 Kg
Hair Color?: Black
Eye Color?: Dark
Hobbies?: Music, Writing, Travelling
Favorite food?: Rice, Beef.
Favorite color?: Black & white
Relationship status?: Single
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